Note: The Studio is currently off-line due to planned construction work in the Library. It is projected to be back on-line by the end of July, 2018.

This is not a group study room. Its use is restricted to presentation practice and video/audio conferencing, and an approved reservation is required for access. A reservation request cannot be placed less than 12 hours in advance. 

To learn about the room's resources and see its picture, hover the cursor over the  next to the room number.

To reserve the room:

  • Click on your desired date (up to 14 days in advance). 
  • Choose the time. GREEN = available, RED = reserved, Blue = unavailable / off the schedule.
  • click on up to 6 green consecutive time slots. Each time slot is 30 min. The daily maximum is 6 slots / 3 hours.
  • Review the Room Reservation Policies and "Continue."
  • Review your Booking Details and click "Submit Time slots."
  • If prompted, authenticate: enter your Emory NetID and password, click "Login."
  • Fill in the form and click "Submit my Booking." You should receive an email confirming your submission shortly. 
  • Once your request is reviewed, you will receive another email with an approval or decline of your reservation.
  • Present the email approving your request at the Library Service Desk on Level 2 to gain access to the room.

To make more than one reservation on the same day (3 hours / 6 time slots total daily maximum), submit your requests one by one.