StudentsSelect your desired date and then select one or more (up to 6 total) green time periods for your desired room. For detailed instructions on how to create reservation requests, please visit the Resource Scheduler main page

Instructors:  You may use this scheduling tool or email to request a recurring reservation for an academic course or SI session. If using this scheduling tool, please note the need for a recurring reservation in the Description field. If requesting by email, please include the instructor's name and department, advisor's name and email (if an SI session), course ID, and desired meeting day and time. 

Capacity & Resources: Please hover the cursor over the "i" icon next to each room to see a picture and list of its resources. 

Feedback: If you run into any issues while using our spaces or want to suggest improvements, please fill out our feedback form. We want to make sure our spaces work for you and value your input.