Available Rooms

Reserve a Room:

  1. Select the desired room location and/or room type from the list above.
  2. In the calendar box on the left, select the desired date. Note that spaces may be reserved no more than 14 days in advance.
  3. Find an available room for the time desired—the available time slots are shown in green.
  4. Click on the available slot(s) to select your reservation time. Reservations are made in 30 min increments selected consecutively. You can select up to 6 consecutive slots—that is, up to 3 hours—per day.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. On the next page that opens, click on Submit Time slots
  7. You will be prompted to login with your Emory NetID and password. Please do so.
  8. Fill in the required field(s) of the form.
  9. Click on Submit my Booking.
  10. If there are no conflicts with your request, you will receive an email confirming your reservation. For moderated spaces, you will receive an email once your request has been approved. Keep these emails as the receipt of your reservation.  
  11. If you are using an email client (Outlook, MacMail, etc) or a mobile device, you can use the calendar file attached to your reservation confirmation email to automatically add this reservation to your calendar. 
  12. If you need to make additional reservations for the same room or a different room on the same day, do so by submitting your reservations one by one, repeating the above steps for each reservation session.

Cancel a Reservation:

To cancel a reservation, click on the "cancel this reservation" link at the end of the confirmation email you received. Once your reservation is canceled, you will also receive an email confirming the cancelation.

Tech Assistance:

If there is a problem with reserving a room through the Student Digital Life Resource Scheduler or there is a technical issue with A/V equipment in the room, please email a detailed description of the problem to SDL-Help@emory.edu.